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Airman Clench's Signature

TI-18181 (Reserve Pilot)



Certificate Prototype

Bob McKenzie in 2051 AD

Bob McKenzie as space manThis seems like a fairly simple costume as far as construction of parts goes because it is almost all found items. It may be made difficult if some of those items are no longer available because the film was made so long ago.

The helmet is a green hockey helmet.

It looks like a blue "Star Trek" looking shirt.   It either has black cuffs or maybe it is electrical tape?

Swedish Place Names

I keep finding Swedish place names followed by a single capital letter in parentheses. Like: Lerum (P) It appears that the letter stands for a län (like a county). Göteborg och Bohuslän is (O), Älvsborgs Län (P), and Skaraborgs län (R).  The letters somehow correspond to a lettering system used for car license plate numbering.

A handy guide to old and new läns.

Here are the mostly relevant areas for my genealogy:

DL 44 Blaster

I am learning patience through costume building, but I still have a long way to go. I worked slow enough that I didn't have any drips and applied a layer of primer and a couple of black and of the silver for the flash hider. I could have done better sanding some of the seams, and maybe I needed to use some fill? And worst of all, I was about to add the brown of the grips when I realized that I hadn't sanded off all the FCC and Hasbro printing.