Executor Upgrade and Zipper Repair

Worked on a few adjustments on my IC today. I had a few identified when I applied for Executor status, and a few other items that I have identified after trooping in it for a couple dozen events. Added another row of stitching on the cap's brim:

I also worked on the zipper at the neck.  It is important for the zipper to go all the wy to the top to hold everything together with the support of the velcro neck closure.  Unfortunately, there was no zipper stop so if i pulled up too far it would simply come off in my hand.  After wrestling with it many times, I made it worse by breaking off the pull tab, which made it harder to pull up and I believe also allowed it to continually descend while trooping.

In this image, you can see the newly installed zipper stop at the top of the zipper and an used stop for reference.  I just pinched it on with pliers, and Bob's your uncle.  One must be installed on each side of the zipper.

I also stole a zipper pull from another replacement zipper and added it to my costume.  Everything seems to work together now-we'll know for sure after the next troop.

I also added to bits of velcro to the belt and belt line of the jumpsuit.  I wasn't sure where it would work best so I put strips above my hips.  It should also help hold the excess of the belt in place, hopefully.

I dyed it with RIT black powder dye.  It was either blue-tinged when I received it from Far Away Creations, or it became so when I gave it a wash before I had it talored.  It became very apparent when I tried to get matching fabric.  They dye worked well--it looks super black right now, though when I take flash photography next to really black fabric it still has a blue cast.  In this picture, the flightsuit is on the bottom and the dog hair is from Lola.